Sabrina Says

Hi, and I love and miss my dad. Bye.



Dishes, Laundry, Referee-ing Fights, Homework, Cooking, Meal Planning, Meal Preparing, Diapers, Bottles, Grocery Shopping, Baths, Hair, Walk Dog, Clean up Dog Doodoo, Bandage Booboos, Cry, Laugh, REPEAT! Somewhere in there I think I showered, brushed teeth, and slept but it's all a blur. So there's my life in a nutshell.

Some fun excursions: the family went to Disneyland and we hosted Thanksgiving for 32. I wrote this blog. (Melanie inspired me)

Jordan broke his arm at Hopkido (martial arts class). I guess I wasn't giving him enough attention. Oh well, take a number.

Hopefully I can figure out how to get pictures on this entry.


I Can't

Having one of those days. Life is too crazy. Oh well. Keep on keepin' on everybody.


Overdue Update

The family went to Price to visit Needles' grandparents. What a blast we had. We went fishing one day. Sabrina caught one within the first 5 min. Grandad was still putting other lines out and had to stop to help her. She's the only one who would touch the fish and eat a bite of it. Charlie also got to real one in. Grandad was so cute--acting as if the fish was so big that he couldn't get it in so Charlie had to step in. Charles was so delighted! The next day we went to a different lake to do some boating. All the kids (minus the baby of course) got to drive the boat and also did a good amount of tubing. I was surprised at their courage. I also did some tubing--wasn't going to when I felt how cold the water was but Jordan talked me into it. I'm so glad he did 'cause it was exhilarating. I've got the bruises to prove it. The first ride outside the wake elicited quite the scream from me. The kids looked worried 'till they saw me grinning and laughing afterward. The next day we went up in the canyon and had a BBQ. It rained on us but that was a fun adventure in and of itself. So much fun!

The following weekend we traveled to Bear Lake. We used to be able to camp and enjoy it. The kids still do. Jordan & I are too old or too spoiled--I don't know. But we gave up and went home early. It might have something to do with that we were tenting it (due to Jordan selling our tent trailer--he has issues with pulling it with a mini-van). The air mattresses are wearing out. Well the beach was fun. I finished my Twilight book/Eclipse. Anyone want to lend me the 4th book? The kids love the campfires and 'smores. Jordan and Sabrina got sunburned and are peeling pretty well now.

We are enjoying having Tianna (cousin from ID) this morning. She slept over last night. The kids are elated. Also, we got to see LouAnn and Stephanie last night when they dropped Tianna off. Man I love them. I'm reminded just how much I miss them every time I see 'em. That ID family is like a built in party. When I'm around them it's like a vacation. How can I make my family like that. I want my kids to feel like our house is a gathering place and like hanging out as a family is fun. My example is the ID Fitzgerald clan.

So I'm almost caught up on laundry from all the travel. Thank you to my girlfriends who have invited me to outings and visited me for lunch. You've kept me sane. I got some new clothes at Kohls. There are some amazing sales happening people--you've got to go.

Jordan's boss came to our house and did some work in Jordan's office downstairs. I really like his boss. He lives in Philadelphia but wishes he lived here. Made me remember how great living where we do is.

So there's the scoop. I wish I some deep thoughts to share. Let me think . . . nope I got nothin'.
Check out the Olympics at least the opening ceremonies. Wow! Charlie is pretty perceptive. A loved one recently had a breast augmentation and did some recovery at our home. While on the phone with her Charlie asked to talk. The first words out of his mouth were, "How's your boobs?" Oh my. He started preschool this week. Also, Miriam started Kindergarten. They both love it. I bought charlie a potty watch to aid in potty training. It sings a song and lights up at regular intervals to remind him to go. It's helping but were in for a long learning period with this kid. He's not real motivated. I'm pretty sure he's quite capable but the toilet just isn't a priority. It'll come with time I guess. Jessica had her first sewing lesson this morning. She's been practicing straight lines. She's doin' great and enjoying herself. Joshie is the most smiley baby I've ever met. What a joy. Jordan's getting head shot pictures taken today for work. He is so handsome!

Going on a hot date to The Cheesecake Factory with my honey tonight. I'd better go shower.


Jessica got braces today. She looks darling. Joshua is now rolling over both ways(front to back & back to front). He's still no where near sleeping thru the night. Woe is me. My Mommy and Daddy are back from AK. I missed them. Jordan's been in town thank goodness. He says he's in a funk. He and I have been taking turns being grumpy. Luckily we can laugh about it so it's working out pretty well. I can't believe school starts on Mon. I'm not ready at all and we're leaving for Price tomorrow to visit Jordan's family. Baby's crying again. I love you people--you are amazing cheer leaders.


No Frills

Thank goodness for sleep. I'm a new woman. Just wanted to explain that there will be no awesome backgrounds, cool music, or anything much creative (or coherent for that matter)--at least not until my kids grow a little more. Can you say overwhelmed. Yes you all can, I know, you've been there. 

I read your amazing blogs and stand in awe at the thoughts you think. You are amazing people! Most of my thoughts these days are "gotta do" thoughts . . . gotta do the laundry, gotta go grocery shopping, gotta change a diaper, gotta get the dishes done, gotta feed everyone (again), etc. And yet this stage of life is wonderful. The way the baby smiles every time he sees me. The way my oldest daughter asks questions profound beyond her years. The way my toddler loves to be funny like that's the point of his existence. The way my 5 yr. old noticed I was quiet yesterday and cared that I was sad. The way my Bina Boo entertains her siblings with no prompting from me. The way all the kids experience the newness of this life with such fascination and joy.

Yup, the sleeplessness and gotta do stage is pretty good. I'll be creative later--it's worth the wait.  


New Blog

Thank you Heather Shepherd for helping a technologically challenged me to overcome my fears. This blogging thing aint so hard. Today has sucked until now. Ive been on the verge of crying over nothing. I'm so sleeped deprived and am sure I'll feel better in the morning. Baby Joshy had his 4 mo. check up yesterday. Poor thing had 3 shots and 1 oral vaccination which made him miserable, but he seems to be recovering now. Baby is crying so ta ta for now!